Kiesza for Bad Bunch NYC / Men's Lookbook

Picture a world where your imagination is as vast as the skies and a limit doesn't exist. Kiesza for Bad Bunch NYC has brought you that reality in her Summer '15 collection, entitled Select Surrealism.

In a World where whales dwell in the skies, sting rays roam freely amongst the clouds, and sharks bask in the horizon. The extensive, ready to wear collection inspired by the artist Kiesza, her digital art pieces and her personal aesthetic showcases this World.
The 51 piece, unisex, summer collection is composed of tank tops, shorts, sport bras, leggings, skirts, dresses, along with a range of light out-wear pieces.

A myriad of colors, great craftsmanship, and slim fit contemporary sportswear silhouettes makes the collection an essential addition to any closet.

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